Original Fiction Muse appears to have resolved her long-running dispute with Fanfiction Muse.

By having sex.

I spent the entire walk home from knitting having to listen to a neurotic Welsh vampire named Trevor Davies laying out the details of his history and his acquaintance with Jason the happy-go-lucky werewolf with dreads like a komondor whose Jamaican dad isn't the werewolf one (it's his mom who's little and blonde and Minnesotan and they met at Uni in Toronto) and Trevor sort of has a thing for Jason's sister Sandra and there's another sibling 'cos they're triplets who Muse has introduced only as "Button-Down" because he's studying patent law and of course Trevor lost all his friends in the Eighties because it's a fucking metaphor and Jason keeps trying to set him up with this wendigo on Facebook which Trevor hates because modern technology is making his life difficult with IDs and CCTV and everything (but the wendigo is better than the goth girls at least) and they live in a three-flat somewhere nearby here where the werewolf transforms down in the laundry room because it would be a great opportunity to drag in supernatural creature types from all over the world like the djinn who runs the kebab shop and Trevor speaks more Spanish than anything because of the Welsh-Not and now I have to go research Korean folklore and by this point I was just thinking "show me a plot soon or GTFO". I hate the detailed ones, man...