Three years into the Trevor and Jason Experience (well, yesterday, but I have the flu and yesterday got sacked for cause), and I am pleased to be able to announce that final edits have been turned in and signed off on for a spinoff short, "Ffydd (faith)", to be appearing next May-ish in the anthology "Long Hidden: speculative fiction from the margins of history". The Brainweasels, having been unable to come up with any other reasons to needle me about this for the moment, have been uncharacteristically quiet, standing about with their hands in their pockets going, "...Well, we could -- no, how about..." and looking puzzled, which is a good thing. (They did manage a solid round of "you've barely been out of the house for a week YOU'RE GOING TO DIE ALONE EATEN BY CATS" last night, but when it's this cold out that's basically just static.) So, consider yourselves Notified, and write that in on your calendars or whatever so y'all can remember why I'm hiding under the bed again in a couple of months...
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