Sudden insight that the story I've been working on actually needed to start two paragraphs later and the middle of it can be handled as a flashback within one long scene. It remains to be seen whether this will help sort out the rest of it within the three months remaining on the deadline I want to submit it for, but fingers crossed that at least figuring out the structure of it at last will serve as a kick in the rear vis-a-vis getting words to start falling out onto the page...

As to the mad project, today's installment rates a mention as being the first disagreement on technique rather than overall-advisability I've had with the Source: as the photo shows, there are two distinct things happening in that top bit, because the directions as written seemed to produce a result that was visually rather pointless and when I decided to look in a different stitch-compendium for something similar it agreed with my instinct that "no, actually you do it this way round", so I switched methods in the middle. (For the knitters, it was using a twisted M1 versus an open M1.) So, I hereby declare that in case of disputes I'm allowing myself to consult Walker as an arbiter for whether or not Source is perhaps talking out of its arse. So there.
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