Poll about dystopias over on LJ: what do you, the Reader-or-Viewer, find the most satisfying sort of ending? Possibilities, for the non-polly, are:

  • Protagonist is crushed by Society
  • Protagonist remakes Society
  • Protagonist allies with oppressing faction
  • Protagonist allies with oppressed faction
  • Protagonist evades Society from within it
  • Rocks fall, everyone dies
  • Protagonist's fate is ambiguous
  • I have no idea what I just watched/read or what it meant to Protagonist
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From: [personal profile] erik

Protagonist prevails in the story arc of this story, but in the larger context everything is ambiguous.
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It depends a lot on my mood when I read it.

Sometimes I like seeing the protagonist remake society around them.

Sometimes I like seeing them getting started on the road to making things better while being allied to the oppressed.

Sometimes I am just so angry and hurting that I want rocks to fall and everyone to die.

(And when writing them - well, I have some of each of what I like to read/watch. Though usually I categorize them as: "rocks fall, everyone dies", "everyone lives miserably ever after", "there is hope but the good times are not what I'm writing".)
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*nods* Deciding on how much hope you want left at the end can be hard.

Maybe, if you have the time to do so, at least sketch out how things would go depending on who dies? I don't know if it'll help you, but sometimes writing out the different ways things can go helps me. (Of course, sometimes that also means I end up with yet another interconnected universe, but hey, it's what I'm good at.)