She wants to stay up to see if the wolf will bring the sun back.

A good wolf would, she insists. And it's not like I can argue with her there. It's lesson number one around here, no matter how weird her extended pack is. Never let anyone tell you that raised by wolves is an insult.

"Look, Pupcake, we can wake you up real early and it'll be almost the same, right? You don't have to try to stay up all night."

I don't know where she got that glare from. Maybe Sandra. I'll have to ask Mom. "They get to go out."

We're not quite at the developmental stage where I can even explain which part of that is the most ridiculous, when I did let her have some of Cecily's glitter for her hair when she asked. When Millennials parent, Max murmurs.

"All right for you, Grampula, maybe you noticed that I don't get to go out clubbing either."

Trev's pleading look says that he'd happily, happily stay home with her if he thought he could get away with it, or get the eyeliner off by himself either. "We'll wake you both when we get back in," he promises, with an expression to say that if he has anything to do with it that'll be in about an hour. There's more honking from down in the street, and a moment later Trev frowns and pulls out his phone; "-- She 'has her dancing feet on'," he reports, and gloomily lets himself be herded towards the door to the horrible fate of a night out of dinner, dancing, and dinner. I hope it goes okay, Cecily's looking a little eager.

Oh, well, there's always midnight mass and Chinese to look forward to, if nobody's on the run by then, and we can bring the Pup to that. I sigh and go to fetch her a bedtimey book: "Okay, so, which do you want, 'Goodnight Moon', or 'Go The Fuck To Sleep', huh? Please?"
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Trevor and Jason, unsorted fragment:

"Now they legalize it." Max was somewhere between livid and heartbroken all over again, the last time we'd had this conversation; now he just seems bewildered, as if this sudden collapse of resistance has caught him out without a map for the road ahead. To be able to say, this was my family, this was my life, long after it's far too late for far too many.

The burdens of memory. Or the joys. I've never been able to work out which.

In the entryway the laughter of a child, Jason and the pup home from the park. Family is what you make of it.

Um. Yeah. Today happened. Today finally happened.
Three years into the Trevor and Jason Experience (well, yesterday, but I have the flu and yesterday got sacked for cause), and I am pleased to be able to announce that final edits have been turned in and signed off on for a spinoff short, "Ffydd (faith)", to be appearing next May-ish in the anthology "Long Hidden: speculative fiction from the margins of history". The Brainweasels, having been unable to come up with any other reasons to needle me about this for the moment, have been uncharacteristically quiet, standing about with their hands in their pockets going, "...Well, we could -- no, how about..." and looking puzzled, which is a good thing. (They did manage a solid round of "you've barely been out of the house for a week YOU'RE GOING TO DIE ALONE EATEN BY CATS" last night, but when it's this cold out that's basically just static.) So, consider yourselves Notified, and write that in on your calendars or whatever so y'all can remember why I'm hiding under the bed again in a couple of months...
...Aaaand no sooner do I decide not to sign up for [ profile] yuletide this cycle for general lack of motivation, than Muse goes out and applies to Cotton Candy Bingo instead, to use as a prompt-list for this year's Advent Calendar exercise:

Naked all day Holding hands secretly Soft Toys Fantasy
Dream car / house / etc Music Communication Devices Remedy Camp
Party Sunshine and blue skies WILD CARD Our song Adoption
Sharing food / drink Speed dating Teasing Telescope Proclamation
Silent / Understood affection Confession / Declaration of love Rain / Storm Without makeup Injury

Some of these are going to lend themselves to not-necessarily-canonical shorts more readily than others, like the 'obligatory everyone's-human-and-they're-in-a-band AU' that Muse has been threatening to write up for a while now anyway, but I suspect Inner Jason totally slipped somebody a fiver to get "naked all day" on there...
{sigh} Yet another installment where I'm left sort of wondering at myself, and whether I need to put separate content warnings on some of these bits when y'all who are still reading along already know that hey, it's about vampires and cannibals anyway...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #37: The year is grinding down... )

And, since it's particularly apropos here, [ profile] ankewehner's portrait of Trevor from a small-art project:

So, the Epic Road Trip Of Doomy DOOM! The purpose behind this Adventure was helping friends-of-friends move, from a coast I do not live on to a different coast that I also do not live on... Yes, this is confusing. But hey, road trip.

The first leg involved a train ride. A very, very, very long train ride, but as bad as trains are being sealed in a can of chemically-questionable air is worse for me overall. English wasn't my seatmate's first language, but considering some of the alternatives I was actually pretty good with that. Even if it meant I was left alone with the running dialogue in my own head...

INNER JASON: Train! Train!
INNER TREVOR: You can't mean to tell me that a grown man has never what am I saying you're an American of course you haven't. Is this an entire satchel of granola bars?
INNER JASON: Dude, I looked up the dining-car menu online and just no. But TRAIN!
INNER TREVOR: *is doomed*

(Extra point for guessing why Inner Jason took this picture before I even got to the damn boarding-gate.)

INNER JASON: [train pulls out] TRAAAAAIN!
INNER TREVOR: I am really not happy with the lack of seatbelts or better yet a five-point safety harness...


SEATMATE: *is asleep on seatback-tray so I can't get out*
INNER TREVOR: Erm, whose idea was Indiana, again?
INNER JASON: *abusing googlemaps on phone* Yeah, meant to mention that part...


INNER JASON: OK, sleeping on trains? Notsomuch, also, it was represented to me that there'd be a dessert-cart...
INNER TREVOR: Will you shut it about the chocolate-frogs? You couldn't even eat one --
INNER JASON: But hey, at least we're not in Indiana any more. My ears are popping.
INNER TREVOR: These aren't bloody mountains!

INNER JASON: There's no wifi on this train and now there's no cell signal in these fucking mountains I have to entertain myself with my imagination LIKE AN ANIMAL...
INNER TREVOR: Still not proper mountains.

INNER JASON: So who died and made you the mountain critic? Seriously?

INNER TREVOR: So, if that was this station on the schedule-tables, then we're running... how late?
INNER JASON: *loaded googlemaps the last time he spotted a celltower* This late.
INNER TREVOR: *groans*

Total time elapsed to Leg One destination: 25.5 hours... or, 1.5 hours after the train ran out of its allotted stores of toilet paper and water.

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: leg 1 of 4***. Stay tuned for Part II...
Have just realised that the reason I am struggling so mightily with the bit-that-I'm-working-on-for-next is that the complex theological argument Muse has been trying to cram into it sideways is actually part of another (and completely unsuspected) scene altogether that needs to happen maybe-a-year-later in the linear narrative. So, hurray for lugging home two 600-page books to research the background of a VERY VERY MINOR CHARACTER {glares}, but I'm not entirely sure that this insight is actually going to help anything in the here-and-now of getting the next bit out... (Especially because this new-scene-I-didn't-know-I-needed will involve Trevor Getting Really Really Angry At Someone, and he is just lousy at that. It would be funny if I didn't have to try to figure out how to write it.)

Meanwhile, Nameseeker has compiled a rough draft of a Dramatis Personae for this Project:

May contain Spoilers )

Note that this is the raw text with a couple of initial tweaks for clarity or missing/incorrect data (overall it's an amazingly attentive job of it, round of applause for Nameseeker and the Mad Reading-Comprehension Skillz); what needs to happen now is for y'all to have a look and tell me if there's anything that you would still like to see clarified for the purpose of a Dramatis Personae list, and then at some point I'll see if I can't get this info all sorted and pretty to be an entry on the sticky-post that I fully intend to write for "Hiraeth" at some point soonish and y'all need to hold me to that mmkay? (There will, I think, eventually be two versions of this list posted -- something in this format to tuck away as a reference-this-when-needed, and a main-cast short-form for readers who came in late to get up to speed...)
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Trevor and Jason's business cards are here:


(I was actually a bit surprised when they turned up in yesterday's post, because they'd said next Monday. So I guess I'd recommend moo...)

more out and about with the Real Camera )
I think I've got the scanning question resolved (and in the process figured out just why trying Kinko's hadn't occurred to me initially...); behold, Trevor and Jason's business-card:


It needs further touching-up, as one can see even from this thumbnail, but that, at least, I can do in-house. So one technological hurdle down, about a dozen to go. (There will, eventually, be t-shirts of similar design. If the Artist and I both survive the process.)

And speaking of being defeated by technology, the neighbors have now bunged up hose #3 and sprayer #4. For anybody who may be keeping count, that body-count is all within 5 growing-seasons... Do other people's gardens need to budget for annual hose replacement?
It's been suggested that I write up a Dramatis Personae for newcomers to the Trevor And Jason Experience, which I think is a good idea right about here, and I started jotting notes...

And then accidentally recycled the paper in all of this Cleaning-The-Damn-House-Already kerfuffle.

So, it occurs to me that this is a good opportunity for some Audience Participation for those who've already been following along, so long as I have to write it all up again anyway: who belongs on Hiraeth's Dramatis Personae list, and what would you say are the most salient details for a new reader to know about them?

(Also if anybody wants to help crowdsource a proper summary for this damn thing...)
Still cleaning. We have now moved all furniture that's scheduled to be moved, and Dealt With the storage-under-the-stairs in a satisfactory manner, and we're mostly working on mopping-up a few last pockets of resistance before things really start being assigned to their permanent locations. I have lost track of how many times we've been over to drop stuff at $CHARITY... We are going to get the house clean just in time for the gas company to blow the building up moving the meters. (And we nearly got flooded yesterday when the condo-board didn't bother to point out to the guys who came to power-wash everybody else's back decks that our space isn't just an expendable basement... Bah.)

[ profile] meeksp has rendered an interpretation of the previous installment of the Trevor And Jason Variety Spectacular:

And now I'm kicking this next bit out of the nest so I can Stop Thinking About It. There's a line that I still kind of want to take out back and shoot, but rather than spend another month wrestling with it, I'll move on for now and just ask if it seems as glaringly obvious to you...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #33: Jason owns a tie... )
The "work-in-progess" meme, via a few writers on the ol' flist:

1. Go to page 77 (or 7) of your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
4. Encourage other people to do it!

Had to fudge a bit here, since p.7 has already been posted and there aren't 77 pages of it yet, but this is a result from a multiple-of-seven page (the text currently at the relevant position on p.42):

I put a hand to my eyes as I recognise what's going on here. "Erm, I think we should be giving them some privacy," I say to the young man.

"What? Why --" He breaks off to consider the way that the two weres are nuzzling at each other and yelps. "Stacy!"

He starts for the pair, perhaps instinctively thinking to haul his were home by her collar if he has to. I catch at his arm. He shrugs at my hand angrily, then casts another look towards the courting weres and deflates. "I'm not going to be able to explain this to Mom," he says.

...Hopefully y'all will have forgotten all about this by the time Muse actually gets there, right...? :)
And, appropriately enough, we wrap up this miniseries on Trevor's birthday:

30.) And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself.

[Since this didn't make sense in the context, we turn once more to Jason:]

The next question is something about a letter that sticks in your mind. Trev's telling the researcher about one he got from his aunt when he was in jail, encouraging him to stick to his principles and not let the side down by agreeing to have anything to do with the war. I think I'll probably talk about the one Stuart wrote to Mom when he heard she was having us; it's mostly an apology for screwing up her life and then ours before we were even born (most of which he's taken back since) and promises to help out however he can with helping us all stay connected with the larger community of weres and their friends and supporters (which he's really stuck to, you have to hand it to him).

Trevor's just getting to the bit about trying to explain to his aunt about what happened to him while he was in custody when there's a clatter in the kitchen and a frightful wail. I'm off the couch like a shot.

The Hound of the Baskervilles is sitting on the kitchen floor, hiccuping in a scatter of oranges. "Hey, Pupcake, you promised you were going to stay in bed," I say, picking her up.

She snuffles in my ear. "Sammidge?" It's half explanation and half petulant demand.

"All right, sandwich, then back to bed, okay?" I carry her back down the hall to where Trev and the researcher are looking on curiously. "I think we're gonna have to wrap this up so I can foodinate her, huh?"

The researcher (a kitsune from the U of C who smells to me of bugle-calls and the idea of fish stock) nods and starts gathering together her notes, promising to send us the paper when she's written it all up. I'm used to being studied, I spent most of puberty with people poking me and trying to figure out if stuff was supposed to be doing that, but it's kind of neat to be asked to contribute to a project about understanding what everyday life is like for people like us, even if people who aren't like us are going to think that it's fiction.

The Pup's snuffling again, working up to repeat her demand for that sammidge. My life, already in progress. Trevor looks almost content as he goes to let the researcher out. This was probably a mental thing to do, yeah. But then again if it will help. If it will help her, someday.

Hey, I'm good with that if he is.


It's been an interesting year of it. Looking back, it's surprising how much of the initial outline turned out to have legs; actually, the only details that have really changed substantively from that strange hour-and-a-half of revelation were the triplets' birth-order -- Jason was originally the youngest, rather than the firstborn -- and that suggestion that "Trevor sort of has a thing for Jason's sister Sandra", which she politely blocked with her very first appearance on-screen being that mention of a Serious Boyfriend. (David, in fact, is the only major cast member who wasn't even a glimmer in Muse's eye that night; the really peculiar part is how he's accidentally managed to become a counterpoint for many of the themes of the work, such as the contrast between his immigration status and Trevor's, or how whereas Jason has consciously taken the position that if people are going to say that his brother and sister are black then so is he, David comes to the question of race more from an argument that if seven of his great-grandparents were of European descent then why does everyone get so hung up on the eighth? Not so shabby for a character whose very first line of dialogue had me going ...WTF, so he's Randomly Australian, too?...)

Been a weird trip, and not nearly over. Here's to the first year of the Trevor & Jason Show, and I only hope I don't get hit by a bus before I can write up the rest of what Muse has in mind for us all...
29.) How does your character smell? Do they wear perfume or cologne?

Jason is being polite here for the sake of Science, but he would like to point out that this is a highly offensive question to a were, and especially with the complication of a human racial issue it verges on a potential berserk button if the suggestion is that the questioner has an issue with the answer. That said, since both flatmates have exceptionally acute senses of smell, most of the products in their bathroom tend to be as neutral as they can find. If Jason will admit to smelling of anything, it's generally whatever food he's been handling recently, like citrus peel or herbs.

Trevor -- Jason says -- smells "kind of purple and thumpy-bass-line...ey". What this translates into for someone who isn't a werewolf trying to explain their impression of a vampire is anybody's guess, really. Trevor would have said we usually get the big bottle of peppermint soap.
Low-key Holiday, with a minimum of bickering and only one serious injury (one of the Household-related presents was a mandoline-slicer, which Mum promptly cut herself on washing it), so all in all one of the better recent experiences. I find that I approach the holiday season as a whole with much less dread when I go into it knowing beforehand that we're not going to be subjecting ourselves to the all-day ordeal of driving up to the Relations and back.

28.) If your character’s life was a genre, what would it be?

In his darker moments, Trevor worries that he's a secondary character in somebody else's romantic comedy, the beta-male Duckie type whose sole purpose for existence is to be the one who's destined never to come good with his own life no matter how genre-savvy he is. In even darker moments than those, he suspects he's part of the sort of morality play that the BBC would make a smashing miniseries out of. This is about where someone will point out to him that even when he's part of someone else's Those Two Guys his life fits pretty firmly into the category of buddy-movies, and if it's a BBC morality play at all it's an episode of Top Gear where something eventually catches on fire. He... thinks he's sort of okay with that.

Jason knows perfectly well what genre he thinks he's starring in:

(Inner Trevor doen't even know whether to start about the biology-fail there, or just be thankful that Inner Jason can't actually draw...)
(Fun fact: 95% of pop-songs are about wishing you were shagging someone, shagging someone, or wishing you were still shagging someone. Perhaps Jason's preference for showtunes about cannibalism isn't as surprising as all that, come to think of it.)

27.) Pick two songs that describe your character at two different points of their life, and explain why you chose them.

So put your paws up, 'cos you were born this way, baby
No cannibalism here, just hard-won acceptance of the very weird hand that life's dealt Jason; even with a supportive family, it's not so easy to be him, and then there's that part where he turns into a wolf once a month on top of it...

I'm not a piece of meat; stimulate my brain
...All right, maybe a metaphorical reference to cannibalism. But Jason's had more than his share of conversations that went like this.

What's the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile
Trevor happens to find quite a bit of use in worrying, thank you, and wishes that the people in charge of things would give it a go once in a while.

Look at your life, who do you want to be before you die?
File this under "Things Trevor desperately wishes he could say to his interns".

It was probably inevitable that we wouldn't get out of this alive without another reference to that bloody song... To make up for it, here's a choice that got left on the cutting-room floor:

Had a very strange dream about what was basically an AU scenario where Trevor was an actual time-traveller from 100 years ago rather than just taking the Slow Path, which concluded with Jason following him back through the time-rift. I mention this chiefly because it happened to clarify for me what seems to be one of my underlying insecurities about this project: is it possible in this oversexed day and age to tell a story where the fundamental bonds between the characters are almost all rooted in philia rather than eros, and have that be taken seriously as a motivating factor for their lives? Going to have to ponder that, considering that it's out-and-out textual that Jason generally has little truck with the latter sentiment most of the time...

26.) Second day of favorites! Favorite comfort food, favorite vice, favorite outfit, favorite hot drink, favorite time of year, and favorite holiday.

Trevor has a weakness for beans-on-toast that completely baffles Jason. He's not big on vices, but when he can lay hands on decent booze he does appreciate it. His favourite ensemble appears to be "something a little too threadbare to be an actual Hipster". He will talk your ear off about a proper cuppa. He's very much a 'first leaves of spring' person. As to holidays, he's not big on them either, but he does speak fondly of Armistice Day.

Jason tends to fall back on variations of macaroni-and-cheese when he's particularly stressed, which Jason had not actually noticed until Trevor pointed this out. His favorite vice is buying better-quality ingredients than he should really be trying to squeeze into his personal budget. He loves his chef-whites. He looks upon hot apple cider fondly as a memory of childhood outdoorsy activities with Susan's father. He's a winter sort of guy, happiest after the snow starts flying. For holidays he'd pick St Lucia's day, because in his mind it's always been the kickoff to the party-cooking-and-eating season.
25.) Describe your character’s hands. Are they small, long, calloused, smooth, stubby?

Jason has finally grown into his paws, at least (even if one is still left with the impression that he'll be working on laying down his completely adult bulk for a bit yet); they're longish in relation to their width, and often marked with small nicks and scabs from his activities in the kitchen. It is, by the way, not true about a were's fingers. Or at least any difference in digit-lengths from a "normal" conformation isn't when he's human...

Trevor's got fairly large hands for his frame, which goes along with the general picture of object-lesson regarding the benefits of Modern Nutrition and oh yeah not becoming a vampire before getting past the point where you're automatically going to get carded. They're plain, square hands, the sort that suggest they'd be good for hard physical work should they be turned to it.

(They are both now trying to out-deny each other on the "hairy palms" thing, BTW. This is what one gets from putting this question to certain varieties of slightly-not-humans...)
24.) What might your character’s ideal romantic partner be?

Trevor has been down that road enough times by now to recognise that there isn't any such thing, particularly for someone in his situation; he's reached the point where mostly what he hopes for is someone who's enough of a grownup to cope with their own issues whilst giving him the space to deal with his own. (In practice this has translated into a couple of marriages that lasted, a couple where there was a bowing-out with varying degrees of grace when matters started getting into "and he's your... what, exactly?" territory, and a number of attachments of a so long as this is working for the both of us character, which he's actually come to prefer now that it's easier to be more above-board about sexual friendships.) He tends to be someone who meets many of his emotional needs with a few close male friends anyway, so he's never felt particularly compelled to try to fit a female partner into the 'central repository of ALL MY FEELINGS EVER' trap in the first place.

Jason has that little issue of not being particularly motivated by sex for most of the year and then all of a sudden being extremely motivated for a little while, so "someone who can live with that" is at the top of his list. (He might be happy with another were who's on a similar cycle, or just someone understanding of the situation.) When he is in the market for companionship he tends to go for a distinct type: confident of themselves and socially forward... come to think of it, he seems to end up dating a lot of Older Women.
23.) Is your character superstitious?

Since the answer to this question was basically an uninterestingly flat 'no' from both parties, because they're already having enough trouble believing in their own weird gigs, Muse decided to spend my morning ponyfying most of the rest of the cast instead:

the main cast of 'Hiraeth'... imagined as ponies.

secondary cast of 'Hiraeth' as ponies

Yeah, the ponyfyier is kind of a blunt instrument on the coloring even if Muse knew what she was doing in the first place. I shall just leave it to my hapless Readers to work out who's who here... especially as she appears to have drawn a few characters we haven't actually seen on-screen yet.