The latest wrinkle in George's ongoing nervous breakdown just now was getting to the light-blue-screen stage of his booting-up process, giving me a responding cursor, and then sitting there going "...Erm, what bit comes next, again?" instead of proceeding to his desktop. Argh. I suspect this would be a vital clue to what's actually going on with him overall, if I could spare him to take him in...

Meanwhile, my own mental state has not been improved by the appearance over the weekend of a large wooden frame about 2' high around one of the former garden-plots out back; it currently contains a carefully-laid layer of dead leaves, a contractor-bucket, and a garden-trowel, but nothing resembling an actual Intent To Plant such as, say, mud. I have the horrible feeling that this is intended to be the finished product and it's some sort of a sandbox or corral for the children in the building, which if so has to be the most asininely selfish thing I've ever seen in my whole damn life, considering that only 3 of our 10 units have children of an applicable age to use something like that. Even if it is only an intermediate stage to an eventual raised-bed planting, I'd have to say it still represents a permanent, substantive, material change to a common-area of the building, and as such should have been signed off on by all of the owners first regardless of whether we're current on the association-fees, and if they ever bother to have another meeting that everyone's invited to and told about, Mum shall raise this point. With extreme prejudice. Because if it weren't for the fact that they have my email, nobody would ever attempt to contact this unit at all about anything, which is just shabby of them.

As to the garden itself, we spent the weekend budgeting out the part of Mum's tax-refund that we didn't spend on, oh, finally getting me new glasses (it's been fifteen years and as it turns out a whole diopter, which isn't so much a matter of not being able to read street-signs, as not being able to see street-signs), and it looks as if we can put together something that will meet all of the required conditions except not being a lurid shade of neon-green that the neighbors are just bloody well going to have to live with, for an amount that we can justify and cover out-of-pocket. (Because, y'know, we were going to spend a bit of that money to start demonstrating good-faith on catching up with the assessments, but at this point, fuck it, they can just go back to the end of the queue again.) So we should be good on that.

If I'm never seen again, therefore, I'm lying squashed somewhere under a sack of mud, swearing about my neighbors with my dying breath; meanwhile, [ profile] meeksp has illustrated a scene from the previous Original Fiction Project, Liane's job-interview with Robling and his golem;

Liane's job interview, illustration by meeksp

Remember to tip your artist with comments. :) Whilst I'm waiting to make that garden-supplies run this weekend, I shall be working on the next installment of the current Original-Fiction Project, assuming George doesn't decide he really does need to be rushed back to the Mothership right now...
Okay, here we go, really going to do this...

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* For certain values of Monday. Copyright S Lynn, although if I couldn't sell it why you'd want to steal it... For external application only, Canadian contestants must answer skill question to receive prize.
OUR STORY THUS FAR: Griff, an iMac of valiant but mortal heart, passed from this mortal coil on the sixteenth of August, 2003, leaving his impoverished owner Bereft. Donations towards first his medical care and then his replacement were solicited, resulting in total donations of $541.35... and the person of "the iMac Formerly Known As", leaving the Owner with the dilemna of what to do with the donated funds above and beyond what it had cost to make what resuscitation attempts had seemed Prudent. (Which expenses were: $75 for the diagnosis fee; $76.11 for an external HD case; and $18.00 for 9.1 CDs for Formerly, who had arrived in the Household quite unprepared for any emergencies of his own.) The remainder of these funds, with the blessing of the donors who responded to the series of emails, now form the seed-money for the [ profile] griffs_kids Fund For Emergency Mac Medical Care, less the portion of the funds which donors expressly stated ought to go towards Doing Good in general, the Owner's personal use and/or repairs to Her own Mac population -- which have been generally been used on household projects such as the restoration of the stray Mac Dennis (who goes through floppies like popcorn if I let him), and thank-yous to various parties who assisted in the project, such as LiveJournal itself (for providing space for the Saga to play itself out in: $25 to upgrade to Paid account for one year) and As the Apple Turns (for helping to broadcast the Call: will buy t-shirt &c. now I've sorted the emails out).

And here, at long last, is the Acknowledgements List of the kind people who donated to help out a sick Mac and his Owner in their hour of Need:

Michael B. in LA; Jason "Kelranth" MacDonald; "Tom K."; Lyle; Jan & Les; Aaron Brethorst; "jennifer v."; "Aaron G."; "Roger T."; Dr. B, a benefactor who seeks after Truth and Beauty; Justin & Jennifer; "Ian H."; Miki; "Joann H."; Joe Gurman; "Geoff@MadCow"; "Gilbert W."; Krishen; "Lane H."; "Kristen L."; Foon; Dominic; Gerard; David Russell; Juan Marin; Thelda; Julia; "James L."; Peter; Todd "Extraordinary Human Being" Thompson; Dave Bell; Graydon; Guy; "James S."; William; Bob; Dan; Chris Kraft; "Pat F."; James Corral; Shannon; "Andrew J."; Fred (Sydney's dad and a good guy); "John Van A."; Ed; Josh; "Jesse S."; and Darren. Also huge thanks to Jennifer (F.) for going above and beyond the call of duty!

(The convention for this list, in case the Donors are still readers here and perceive a need for adjustments: name/initial in "quotations" indicates a donor who did not respond regarding a preference as to their proper listing here; first name only is a donor who responded that they had no explicit preference or listed that as their preference; full names or otherwise are the stated preference of the donor in question. Just so we've got that cleared up. :) If you are one of the above and have a different preference, let me know: as this will probably be the basis for the final list when/if the Manuscript I was so hysterical about needing a working Mac in the house to edit gets published, this is the stage to make any needed changes...)

As to the [ profile] griffs_kids Fund, it has already made one donation of $25 to the ailing Mac of Teresa Nielsen Hayden, as detailed in that Community earlier; other than that, it's been rather quiet, since Macs just don't break all that often! [LOL]

Whew, one more item on the "chores" list is done! LJ MeetUp and New Hampshire primary tomorrow night, and then I should be free for the steel-cage-match with the Dreaded Cover Letter To An Agent. "Two men enter, one man leaves..."