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( Jul. 18th, 2017 01:17 pm)

Four, to be exact; I planted dill this year, and one by one captured and interned five caterpillars that research determined were black swallowtails:

They eat plants in the family that includes dill and, fortunately, common-midwestern-weed Queen Anne's Lace, so I was able to keep them happy without having to sacrifice all of my dill. As it turns out, they get a little restless right before Caterpillar Puberty; I came home one night to find one making a break for it into the living room and only three still in the vase of QAL, and a day or so later two more were gone and turned up some six feet away trying to abseil to freedom down my stack of blocking mats, so I built them a caterpillar Supermax facility:

And the four remaining subjects spun themselves linesmen's harnesses and pupated:

(One of these days I'm going to find a dead caterpillar or butterfly in a corner of the studio, unless it went the other way into the living room and Ren ate it...)

Naturally I was out of town when all the Butterfly Hatching Action happened :( , but Mum kindly took some beauty shots:

What she did not do whilst I was gone, however, was keep an eye on the cucumber patch:

This, ladies and gentlemen and decline to answer, is the after picture once I'd hacked a pathway to the garden faucet around the edge of the planter...
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( Dec. 16th, 2015 04:36 pm)
Decided to go on ahead and finish up the knitting on the blanket.

26 strips in total, which I now have to math into one big piece; going with the weaving idea, that means trying to get them all blocked into a size that's 1/13th as wide as it is long, so proooobably about 5'x4.5" -- I've pulled out the two longest and the two shortest to see how well they can be massaged into being the same dimensions. And then I have to find the space and the time-stroke-patience to pin them all out to dry in shifts, because as you can see it's quite the area they cover and this ain't gonna happen all in one go... More To Come.
So, this happened.

His shelter-name was Jasper, which we obviously need to change ASAP for the sake of his dignity and ours, before it starts to stick. He is also, as the pronoun suggests, a dude-cat, which in near-forty years of welcoming feline overlords is a brand-new thing for our household; fingers crossed that they're telling the truth about early neutering taking care of the spraying thing, we've already got one cat with enough issues around here.

So far Snip is... unresolved about having a new flatmate; fortunately this time we have the luxury of having another room to shut the new introduction into, so we can take it as slowly as we can this time (unlike the Incident in which Snip ended up taking over a studio apartment from established-tenant Weasel, which may have had more than a bit to do with the subsequent 12-year standoff). We have two weeks' no-fault fostering-period to get her to come around...
So, the Epic Road Trip Of Doomy DOOM! The purpose behind this Adventure was helping friends-of-friends move, from a coast I do not live on to a different coast that I also do not live on... Yes, this is confusing. But hey, road trip.

The first leg involved a train ride. A very, very, very long train ride, but as bad as trains are being sealed in a can of chemically-questionable air is worse for me overall. English wasn't my seatmate's first language, but considering some of the alternatives I was actually pretty good with that. Even if it meant I was left alone with the running dialogue in my own head...

INNER JASON: Train! Train!
INNER TREVOR: You can't mean to tell me that a grown man has never what am I saying you're an American of course you haven't. Is this an entire satchel of granola bars?
INNER JASON: Dude, I looked up the dining-car menu online and just no. But TRAIN!
INNER TREVOR: *is doomed*

(Extra point for guessing why Inner Jason took this picture before I even got to the damn boarding-gate.)

INNER JASON: [train pulls out] TRAAAAAIN!
INNER TREVOR: I am really not happy with the lack of seatbelts or better yet a five-point safety harness...


SEATMATE: *is asleep on seatback-tray so I can't get out*
INNER TREVOR: Erm, whose idea was Indiana, again?
INNER JASON: *abusing googlemaps on phone* Yeah, meant to mention that part...


INNER JASON: OK, sleeping on trains? Notsomuch, also, it was represented to me that there'd be a dessert-cart...
INNER TREVOR: Will you shut it about the chocolate-frogs? You couldn't even eat one --
INNER JASON: But hey, at least we're not in Indiana any more. My ears are popping.
INNER TREVOR: These aren't bloody mountains!

INNER JASON: There's no wifi on this train and now there's no cell signal in these fucking mountains I have to entertain myself with my imagination LIKE AN ANIMAL...
INNER TREVOR: Still not proper mountains.

INNER JASON: So who died and made you the mountain critic? Seriously?

INNER TREVOR: So, if that was this station on the schedule-tables, then we're running... how late?
INNER JASON: *loaded googlemaps the last time he spotted a celltower* This late.
INNER TREVOR: *groans*

Total time elapsed to Leg One destination: 25.5 hours... or, 1.5 hours after the train ran out of its allotted stores of toilet paper and water.

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: leg 1 of 4***. Stay tuned for Part II...
And then there was pesto.

I think I planted too much basil.
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( Jul. 24th, 2012 05:35 pm)
Trevor and Jason's business cards are here:


(I was actually a bit surprised when they turned up in yesterday's post, because they'd said next Monday. So I guess I'd recommend moo...)

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It is Being a Day. To distract myself from my ongoing Cranky about a certain plot-point in Blackout, I shall run a photo-post instead:

I was right, I'm dangerous )
Housecleaning is at "wandering around muttering oh dear god" stage. But at least having gathered ALL THE HARDWARE into the same place has led Mum to have a breakthrough RE conceding that possibly we do have more screws and fasteners than we'll ever need/use and the population can be thinned into a smaller receptacle... It's almost too embarrassing even to do a series of progress pictures, so have some miscellaneous photos instead:

A photo post, containing wildlife and plant identification questions and other Items of Interest )