I haven't had enough spoons lately even to address any of the do-able things that might help me to reclaim some spoons. This is, obviously, not a helpful situation. And the damn Weather is. not. helping.

In a completely unrelated I swear enquiry, does anybody happen to know offhand what culture it was that used to deal with the cold by smearing themselves with butter? Asking for a, um, Muse friend...
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Re: spoons, lack of. I feel you, I really fucking do. If I find any, I will send them.

Re: butter, smearing of for warmth. Uhm. Laplanders Sami? I seem to remember something about some of their old stories talking about a goddess who would ride across the sky in a chariot of bones, pulled by reindeer, bringing the sun back to the world after winter. And people would smear butter on their doorknobs so that she could eat the butter on her trip and be nourished for the journey. So, again, uhm ... maybe?
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I would've guessed Himalayans, but http://www.dairygoodness.ca/butter/the-history-of-butter suggests India. Which narrows things down only a little.