I made the mistake of reading the recipe on the back of the Cheap Yellow Mustard this morning:

"Sloppy Joes"
(paraphrasing for copyright reasons)

package of buns
Cheap Yellow Mustard

Fry meat and mix in all ingredients except the buns (emphasis added).

Umm, I'm the first to admit that I can't exactly cook, as such, but I am so picturing the product-liability-slash-test-kitchen meeting that led to them having to specify that...
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From: [personal profile] melannen

Actually my mom has a sloppy joe recipe that uses bread in the mix! (Adding stale bread or broken crackers to stretch ground beef in recipes like that used to be pretty common. Older meatloaf recipes sometimes do to.)

...she does not add entire packages of whole buns, though.
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There is a line beyond which you're an idiot.
But where that line is is a matter of opinion. Better to explicitly spell everything out. Otherwise you could be wrong about where that line is. It's not not even about liability: They want people to use this recipe and thereby buy more Cheap Yellow Mustard. If you try it and end up with a soggy mess, you won't do it again.