OK, um, well, did not mean to leave this hanging for a year and a bloody half, whether or not 2016 sucked dead celebrity balls, but at any rate here Something finally is, and I think I may even have got to some sort of a space where I can at least ignore the Brainweaselly voice pointing out that the drive towards fame and recognition is a mug's reflection of one's formative caregivers not being attentive enough to suit (and here I will redact some remarks-at-length about celebrity culture and the state of politics, because my Brainweasels are probably rabid) and just get the damn work done, even if it may well be the equivalent of deciding to enjoy the fall off the building since what's the alternative? Ahem. So:

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #59: It's the practicalities I always hate... )
(Two installments in less than two weeks, who'd have thunk it??!? Note to Self, do not let Muse suggest any more #@$$%'ing road trips...)

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #58: It's a relief to be back to work... )
Um, well, yes, at least eight months is better than nine, I guess? And I do swear that a certain reference has been in this section or thereabouts since Muse decided to take this @!##$ing road-trip in the first place lo these couple of years ago now, and not marking recent events as it may now appear. (There was originally another one in a sequence cut from the outset of the trip, which may give one some indication of how much bloody rewriting this stretch has undergone throughout and just why it's been taking so long to get these segments released.) Anyway, for the couple of you who haven't died of old age waiting yet:

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #57: I know why Jason has looked at every... )
...Did I say three months? Apparently Muse has been vacationing on some planet with a much different rotational arrangement... Anyhoo, several deadlines-out-of-the-way later, The Next Bit. Computer willing -- which, um, yeah; George is five now, and starting to make the occasional arthritic noises in his dvd drive when he starts up, which I don't even know how panicked to be about major-organ-wise -- I'm hoping to get back to this in a more timely fashion. Assuming the fashion for blogging and literature and indeed civilisation hasn't ended altogether whilst I was attending to other matters...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #56: For our supper Jason manages... )
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( Nov. 3rd, 2014 05:24 pm)
OK, well then, now that we've got the runup to Halloween, or as Inner Trevor calls it, "Let's All Be Racist To The Bloody Vampires Now Why Don't We Month", out of the way (there's a panel idea in that somewhere about the evolution of Acceptable Targets, I think), Muse has, sort of, showed up to work -- this was originally supposed to run into the next part of this scene, but in the interests of not sitting on what's at least half of a coherent thought for another three months, I've made the executive decision to run with this bit now as-is. So.

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #55: His name's Mick... )
Rightie-o, I finally appear to have achieved Draft or at least 'screw it I want this out of my hair' with this one, so:

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #54: Jason decides to take the long way back... )
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( May. 9th, 2014 04:03 pm)
Long Hidden is out today.

If anyone needs me, I'll be over here listening to Inner Jason ribbing Inner Trevor mercilessly about the haircut and suspenders braces.

(I ain't explainin'. You'll just have to go buy the book.)
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( Apr. 7th, 2014 04:42 pm)
Right, then, picking up where we left off before the temperature dropped below freezing and stayed there for four months, which apparently turns out to be #1 on the "Conditions I Cannot Work Under" list...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #53: When we arrive at his grandparents' house... )
OK, well then, I'm healthy(er/ish), Mum's healthy, the gas company have finally more or less cleared off, and I'm no longer in waiting-on-news distraction-limbo because the Alleged Story found a home (I believe a couple of the Brainweasels actually exploded there), so, hopefully I now have enough of my spoon-flow redirected into being able to, y'know, sit down and work at more regular intervals than lately...? We shall see.

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #52: It's too beautiful a day for this... )
Um, yeah, so, well, I did write a 3000-word short story in the intervening three months, anyway...?

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #51: The week-end is something of a blur of... )
I did say during the Advent calendar specials that Jason had a few NDAs he was working around...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #50: I open my eyes to... )
Well, at least this installment is no longer hanging over my head, anyway. Muse does play a long game, yes...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #49: ''I'm sorry, man,'' Jason says... )
I believe I did mention a while back that drafting #47 was involving some evil giggling...? Very well, then, if we're all sitting comfortably, let's begin:

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #47: I have to keep reminding myself... )
*ahem* And this is part two of the "oh dear god Muse did go there" sequence, even if it did get held back for a rewrite at the last minute because I had to put my foot down about some of the more Unfortunate Implications... I'll be in my trailer.

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #45: It seems a good idea to consult... )
Aaaand now we come to the scene that I've been dreading since before I actually decided I was writing this, so I may as well just bury the post at an unholy hour and pretend I didn't see it either. Will the last reader to run away screaming please turn off the lights...?

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #44: We do have coyotes... )
...Um, yeah. Not sure how much sense this makes, considering how many elements of it started out as parts of other scenes and I only got it finished at all because Muse was distracted trying to talk Inner Cecily down from a serious cranky about the pope quitting (it doesn't exactly help anything to have Inner Trevor pointing out that Cecily doesn't even hold with the idea of the Tridentine Mass, which is way too complicated a theological argument for the hour of the morning at which they were trying to have it), but let's see how it's come out in the blender wash...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #43: If I'd begun to think that the city's reputation... )