As one can see from the Media Consumption List, the Household has made the semi-annual-or-indeed-occasionally-biennial pilgrimage to a Real Live Movie Palace to see a film on the big screen, this instance of arse-getting-off-of being occasioned by the debut of Blade Runner 2049, which as one can imagine with the Sekrit Project being a dystopia and all has been on the to-do list for a while now. (As opposed to the practice of recent years of looking up at some point on xmas or new year's day and deciding to hell with it, let's call 'going to see this year's effects-blockbuster' the best of a bad job for the day and/or year.)

So, nonspoilery thoughts: I'd characterise BR2049 as an interesting failure; it's trying to do too much, and ends up collapsing beneath the weight of all the subplots, but I'll give it partial credit for trying to do anything at all, which is rare enough these days, and it was absolutely worth going to see on the house-sized screen, not least because I suspect that the actual story part isn't going to hold up well at a remove from the physical bombardment of images. Overall, contented enough that I went, and an extra half-point for not having walked out of the theater feeling motion-sick like after a couple of my last few trips to the local googleplex. (Difference there possibly that I got new glasses since the last time I went to the movies, and have been realising that the depth-perception issues weren't my eyes...)

As to the film immediately preceding BR2049 on the List, I have some vitriolic Feels about twentysomething studio execs who decide to change a setting from WWII to WWI and then fail a spot-check for realising that "german military" is NOT eternally coterminous with "cartoon nazis"; my grandfather who switched sides between the wars to go punch the latter because that was a whole different quantum-shell of asshattery would surely have had some Feels of his own about that, I do think.

(Also none of the women's costuming was within five years either side of the general period the film was allegedly trying for, but I've pretty much given up on that dead horse.)

Next Big Shiny films to look forward to specifically (as opposed to "we'll probably get bored at some point on xmas or new year's and go see the Last Jedi" because Reasons) are Pacific Rim 2: More Giant Robots Punching Monsters, the first film of which is one of the few I genuinely regret not getting to see on a big screen back when it was released, and Ready Player One, which already has my inner fangirl squeaking things that sound suspiciously like shut up and take my money is it next spring yet. I shall console myself until then by thinking that it will probably go horribly, horribly wrong anyway because, well, these things always do.

Also, as an aside, given that BR 2049 and Wonder Woman both had Robin Wright in them, I am now having passing fancies about Princess Buttercup punching Nazis. My Muse is not a well anthropomorphic personification.
Well, dammit, I finally get a chance at something resembling a vacation and y'all go and let the final sign of the Apocalypse happen while I was out of town. Just don't say I didn't warn you.
I appear to have thrown myself wholeheartedly into worldbuilding for New Sekrit Project. Have to balance that with not neglecting Previous Sekrit Project, assuming anyone's still following that...

What I'm hung up at right now is the part where Muse, in-her-infinite-wisdom, seems to have mentally cast the Bernard Marx-y role in her Brave New World homage as Idris Elba. I suspect that it's Relevant, bordering on plot-Relevant, that he's both A, an Englishman, and B, not a white Englishman, but it would be nice for once to be able to dredge up some of the stuff that goes on at the level of subconscious intuition to where I can interrogate the crap out of it before I'm elbows deep in things and have to work back to see how I can reinforce ideas I'd half(-assedly) worked out here and there already. Because compared to that, I suspect that genderswapping most of the rest of the cast is fairly small potatoes, relatively speaking...

(Have also learned that Shaw's original ending for Pygmalion was basically going to be "Eliza punches Henry in the face and goes off to work for universal suffrage" -- I may have interpreted it in my own unique idiom. Feeling rather vindicated in my displeasure at Billy Elliot right about now.)
Still sewing up blanket -- edges done, now I have to experiment with ways to secure the strips to one another in the middles. This may well take another year...

I've been trying all week to wrap my head around the idea of a world without David Bowie in it. The depth of my own response has caught me by surprise: I think at least half of it's coming out of that old Brainweaselly "and here nobody even notices you when you're in the room, much less would your passing be the lead news around the world", which may be an impossibly high bar but tell that to Brainweasels; but the other half is that simple shock of having a rug that's always been there pulled out from under you, because I'm very nearly the same age as his fame and I've never known a world without his influence. A well-played life, indeed.

Did I mention that the yarn shop I hang out at as 2/3 of my Alleged Social Life is closing at the end of this month? Yeah, there may be some serious emotional displacement going on here.
The problem with The Graduate is that the narrative endorses the protagonist's self-absorption rather than commenting upon it. Discuss:

(This essay-question brought to you by the late-night realisation that hey, I'd never seen it all the way through, followed several hours later by the late-night realisation RE why I'd never stuck with it, which is that none of the women back in 1967 are allowed the agency of a bag of hammers. When you find yourself relating more to the prostitute in Risky Business because at least she has her own life independent of the protagonist, you know the culture has undergone some serious generational shifts...)
It's distressing to realise just how much of my long-term plan for my life has been basically 'not getting run over by a bus before 23rd November 2013'.

Perhaps I should consider piracy.
Polling the Man-In-The-Street: what names of individuals or persons known as heads of groups, besides Osama bin Laden and Gavrilo Princip, would you think of off the top of your head as having:

* profoundly influenced or diverted the course of history;

* in a way that history has largely regarded as undesirable;

* by acting out of sincerely professed convictions?

Note that I'm trying to screen out names that only hit on two of those, such as Jack the Ripper, Hitler, or Lee Harvey Oswald (state of mind not well attested or demonstrably not right in the head overall), Buddha or Jesus (change not currently regarded as broadly negative), or Timothy McVeigh or any number of people in recent administrations (change not disruptive enough or too soon to assess). An example of a "maybe" might be John Wilkes Booth, but are there others I'm missing out here? It would be particularly interesting to see if anyone can come up with someone who isn't an assassin or a terrorist, but did something ridiculously unhelpful to humanity out of the belief that it was a good thing...
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( Jun. 26th, 2013 01:17 pm)
Actual question I found myself considering yesterday: "so, which is more disturbing, the penis bong or the Hello Kitty?"

Even my Muse wasn't quite sure how to process that one through her art-therapy.

Though I'm sure she's going to try.
It amuses me that the 80's cybermen occasionally have visible-panty-line. As to why I always seem to notice this, um... hey, look, a chicken!
Fed the cats the other morning and went out of the room for about ten minutes. When I came back into the kitchen, Snip leapt up onto the counter and began making a case that she hadn't been fed in, um, ever, and was in imminent danger of a gruesome death by starvation.

While she was licking the grease off her whiskers.

And there was still half a can of gooshyfood left on their plate.

So I told her, in all seriousness, "How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

Snip was not impressed.
Margaret Thatcher has died. You can probably imagine the lip I'm getting from Inner Trevor the Quaker Socialist Vampire on the subject... It's going to be one of those afternoons, I can already tell.
Caught myself Disapproving of a 20yo's haircut on the train last night. Granted, it wasn't a particularly well-executed example of whateverthehellitwas that he may have been trying for with it, but it still feels like one more slip down the inevitable slide towards SENESCENCE AND DEATH.
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( Dec. 31st, 2012 07:15 am)
34 outside and 63 inside ATM, which is irritating but layerable. I switched the ailing furnace off to rest last night at 9, so I'd say our 5'-deep earthen ramparting and foot-thick walls above that are doing a remarkable job of heat-retention (and that's from a high of only 68, mind you), but it does mean that we can't open the back door until we get some means of replenishing the heat in here back up and running. I may be doing a lot of baking if Furnace Parts Guy isn't available soonish...

As to the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Motion-Sickness: I find upon reflection that I'm not all that impressed, overall. Everyone's been raving about Freeman's Bilbo, but I was actually feeling a bit of a mismatch there: he's a little too... eager to be persuaded, more Watson than Dent, and I was never convinced that his Refusal of the Call was at all serious, which is kind of a problem when the story is supposed to hang upon discovering unexpected strengths. Also, I couldn't catch the names for any of the dwarves besides Thorin Angstyshield and (for obvious reasons) Kili, so they mostly came off as a barely-differentiated mass of funny beards. Granted, I was in a bad mood going into it, and I actually fell asleep a couple of times towards the end, so maybe a rewatch is in order, but definitely not in the theater, and I don't think I'm going to be arsed to see #3 on the big screen if all the flashy bits with Benedict Cumbersmaug are in #2.

(I will say, however, that there's one shot that was absolutely, jaw-droppingly perfect: the reveal of Gollum on his little rock outcropping in the underground grotto was the biggest YES YES THIS EXACTLY that I can ever remember seeing interpreted on film. So points for that, I guess.)
I seem to recall making more than one "So Blogging This" remark of late, so I'll throw it open to the Audience as to which neglected lead I should be working on next:

[Poll #1866725]

But first, Muse has finally turned in the next installment of "Hiraeth". I'm still not entirely sure that I didn't accidentally break a couple of things fixing others -- thoughts on how well this stands up RE structure or general sense-making particularly appreciated...

Trevor and Jason, Vignette #36: There's a centipede the size of a mouse... )
Dear Muse: No, you may not wander off to work up notes on "steampunk Elizabethan pirates!". No, no matter how much you think you could justify a 'Muslim Spain against Celtic-Pagan Britain' setup by trying, however patiently, to explain to me that in this alternate history Constantine's revelation was about the power of reason and the Dark Ages never happened because Rome threw in with the continuity of Arabic learning.

I will admit that I'd read the hell out of that, though.
...And then I reached the point where I was so ridiculously happy that I had a packet of fruit-snacks that it was probably for the best that the Worldcon was almost over. -- What? The mic wasn't on?

[There will hopefully be a better post coming when I am rested enough to be capable of making any sense, because right now Muse is threatening to write up those last few hours in text-adventure format and I'm sure none of us want that...]
Inner Jason is cheering for at least six countries, Inner Trevor hasn't stopped crying since the tribute to suffragettes in the opening ceremony, and Inner Button-Down made me watch an entire game of men's beach volleyball before mumbling that he'd be in his bunk. I may be gone for some time.