For the record, even my somewhat-OCD-about-getting-the-right-underpants Muse doesn't quite make me drill down to this level of detail. But if she at some point decides that this information could be relevant, at least now I know where to look.

Inner Trevor is just thanking his lucky stars that creative dart landed somewhere else on the map, I think.
Well, since I need to sit here for another 56 minutes for an Inexplicable Battery Recharge anyway, I suppose George may be hinting that it's time to sit down and sort out our next episode:

Fiberfill of the Daleks: Voyage of the Small and Plushy )
So, have I mentioned that I've, A), been thinking of cosplaying the Eleventh Doctor, B), like Silly Hats, and C), just got a MacBook here...?

the best Bang since the Big one )

...Somebody find me a tweed jacket and a bowtie, dammit.
The Prequel's Progress: 27098. God only knows where she was trick-or-treating, but Muse turned up first thing Monday morning with a sack of story notes instead of candy, which was good although at that hour I could have used the sugar. Later she made me start crocheting a bright-red "tomato" hat and a rug for the cats. I dread what she's going to come up with during the election-night coverage, especially if it goes into extra innings again. Anybody want to invite me to a party so I won't be tempted to slipcover Texas?

I finally made it to one of [ profile] rollick's gay-bar showtunes outings, which was amusing although she says that it was uncharacteristically subdued. Her pictures of costumes in the parade came out very well despite her initial concerns. Overall a reasonably successful night out, beyond the incident when the drunken git took umbrage at my "hippie protester" costume and threw the sign in the gutter. (Still wondering if he was reacting based on this war or the historical one. Or if he thought I was a particularly lame drag queen.) Went home afterwards and somewhat belatedly sacrificed my pumpkin. Due to time considerations, it had to be simple, so I just made eyeholes and a mouthhole and stuck the chunks from the eyes on the lid for ears; woke up this morning and realized that what it was reminding me of was the Napster logo. C'est la veg.

The polls open in three hours. Does anyone else feel like this has been the longest four years of their lives?